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Evolution Armbar system Vol.1


Armbars are a staple in BJJ. The armbar, triangle, and omoplata are the trifecta of BJJ.  If you are good at one you have access to the other two.

This is an important part of the game. Put the time in and in no time you will see armbars everywhere.

When learning a new skill, it is sometimes easier to break it down into steps. For Volume 1 of this system, we are focusing on the large movements and entries into the attacks.

Work on doing the drills slowly and fluidly. Your focus should be on weight distribution. We are constantly shifting the weight somewhere else to make the part of the body we want to move light while maintaining base and balance. Do the drills often enough to get the concepts down then stop thinking and really try to feel the nuances of the weight transfers. Later we will focus on isolating the limb from several positions and them getting into a position to have the leverage to finish.

Table of content

Drills from the knees

- Drill #1 - blocking opposite knee
- Drill #2 - blocking opposite knee, uke wins the take down
- Drill #3 - blocking same side knee

Standing up drills

- Drill #1 - Guard pull
- Drill #2 - Osotogari
- Drill #3 - Uke wins osotogari

Close guard drills

- Drill #1 Diving inside uke's leg
- Drill #2 - Uke hide head
- Drill #3 - Crooked guard

Mount drills

- Drill #1 - Bench press
- Drill #2 - S mount

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