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with Prof. Dan Guillemette

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Prof. Guillemette  is a Jiu-Jitsu expert that has a rounded background from training in multiple martial arts for 46 years.  He is recognized worldwide for his kimura attacks and is a respected specialist sought the world over for his teaching ability.


He has his 4th degree black belt In Ippai En Jiu jitsu ,  his 6th degree black belt in Can Ryu Jiujitsu and his 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.  After 30 years training in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu that is his specialty. 


Prof. Guillemette has had the honor of training with the world’s best BJJ instructors:  Marcelo Garcia, Murillo Bustamante, Andre Pendenarus, Marcus Soarus.


In 2007, Prof. Guillemette opened Evolution BJJ in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.  Since then, 38 affiliate schools around the World have joined Evolution BJJ and he has joined forces with partners to launch the online BJJ digital training platform Evolution BJJ University. 


Other Training Experience:

Judo: brown belt

Boxing 6 years experience,

Kickboxing  7 years experience

Taekwondo red belt

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