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49 min

Armbar system Vol. 1

The armbar, triangle and omoplata are the trifecta of BJJ if you are good at one you have access to the other 2.

46 min

Front head & arm system

Sometimes you just need those back points to tilt the tie in your favor. 


2h 42 min

Purple belt program

Explore the basics of several guards to expand your game, your knowledge not only for offensive purposes but for defensive knowledge as well.  At Purple belt you should be developing your own game.

58 min

Kimura system Vol. 2

In Volume 2 we add half guard control.
Both on the bottom and on top.

Evolution mount control system.png

2h 1 min

Controlling the mount system

The mount is an amazing position in both MMA and a real fight situation if you take the time to get good at it.


2h 1 min

White belt program

Learn techniques in the right order and how to connect them to each other.

Start with positions and transitions to other positions. Then closed guard control and sweeps which will bring you back to top control. Your mind will be open to see all the submissions while maintaining complete control of your opponent.

1h 14 m

Kimura system Vol. 1

This is a powerful game changer that every BJJ player should understand and have in their game.

Back attack system -evolution brazilian

2h 26 min

Evolution back  control system

So if you want to get better at submitting from the back you need to be able to keep the position long enough to experiment with which subs work better for you.