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Systematically controlling the mount

2h 26min  

The mount is an amazing position in both MMA and in a real fight situation if you take the time to get good at it.

In a fight or MMA situation, you can strike your opponent while preventing him from hitting you with any power. In kids' competition, this is the main dominant position because this positional control is drilled in kid's class.

Most adults are afraid to have someone explode out of this position
and prefer a much more limited side control. Becoming a master of this
position will open up striking options, more subs, and back takes as well
as making your opponent carry both your weight and his.


Table of content

The butterfly mount

Escapes from mount

1. Turkish get up escape
2. Bridge escape (UPA)
3. Elbow escape

Negating mount escapes used by non BJJ people

1. Negating side to side bench press
2. Negating narrow bench press
3. Negating the turkish get up
4. Negating wide bench press

Negating mount escapes used by BJJ people

1. Negating the bridge scape (UPA)
2. Reactive drill preventing arm control for upa escape
3. Negating the elbow escape with frame on hips
4. Negating the knee push escape

Negating the mount escape drill

Negating the mount escape drill


1. Attack mindset
2. Triple attack
3. S-mount and spiral arm bar
4. Monoplata
5. Step over shoulder arm bar
6. X-choke
7. Trypot choke
8. Taking the back from mount

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