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Evolution Kimura system  Volume 1


After losing partial use of my right arm due to a neck injury, I needed to find a way to protect my new limited arm and compensate with my strong arm, for the lack of power in my right arm.

Luckily, my instructor had taught us a lot about Kimura. While using the Kimura a lot my training partners started to catch on to what I was doing and were doing a great job of countering my control and attacks.

I started using the Kimura, especially in nogi as an upper body half guard, allowing me to control my opponent's posture and the distance between us.  It also allowed me to stay connected to them and have leverage points to reverse the position, sweep, and maneuver into positions allowing leverage for me to submit larger, stronger opponents with two working arms. This is a powerful game-changer that every BJJ player should understand and have in their game.

Table of content

Bottom Kimura side control

- Rolling over the shoulder into kimura trap
- Step around armbar DANGER
- Roll over top to armbar or taking the back
- Dive forward (Flipper Kimura)
- Spinorama to Kimura take back
- Killing the Kimura - taking the back
- Killing the Kimura killer - roll over top

3 ways to take the back from Kimura trap

- 1st back take (blocking knees) going armbar
- 2nd back take (Technical sit up)
- 3rd back take (uke bridge)

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