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Leg look seminar at Evolution HQ


Sminart at HQ by Math D.


Table of content

1. Instructor presentation + Basic Ashi Garami control

2. Initial outside heel Hook bite

3. Outside heel hook Breaking mechanics

4. Finish vs belly down opponents (reverse figure 4)

5. Countering the spin out (irimi Ashi Garami to Outside Ashi Garami)

6. Outside heel hook to inside heel hook (solving the straight leg problem)

7. Shin to Shin entry vs Standing passers

8. Ashi Garami entry and control vs standing passers

9. Dealing with the bladed stance (exposing the heel or knocking them down to a hip)

10. short hook X guard

11. Cross bottox kuzushi to outside heel hook

12. Back step into inside sankaku

13. Reverse X-guard into inside sankanku + kuzushi drills

14. Q & A

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