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New school leg lock System Vol. 1


About Prof Math Dubois

Prof. Math is a  black belt under Richard Martens 3rd degree black belt.

New school leg-locks Vol. 1 will cover the outside heel hook and some solutions to the most common defensive reactions.


With the leg-locks becoming very popular in the last few years, it is really important to keep up with the technical evolution of the control positions of the lower body. Even a practitioner not wanting to attack legs will benefit from this series since the understanding of the attack allows us to recognize the dangers earlier and defend better.


In the second part of the volume, we will cover how to get to cross ashi garami/saddle from ashi garami/one leg-x. These transitions will allow you to threaten both legs at once with great control over your opponent. It is also a great complement to the outside heel hook series since more experienced opponents will defend the outside heel hook by putting their foot flat on the ground effectively hiding the heel.

Table of content

Out side heel hook

1. Basics mechanics
2. Dealing with the turn out problem (ashi garami to outside ashi garami)
3. Dealing with the straight leg problem (ashi garami to cross ashi garami)
4. Dealing with losing the knee line (ashi garami to calf slicer + back take option)
5. Dealing with losing the knee line (opponent prevent calf slicer)

Entries into cross ashi garami -False X (reverse X guard)

6. Basic reverse x guard into cross ashi garami
7. Forcing the hands to ground
8. Solving the high leg problem (calf slicer + back take option)
9. Solving the high leg problem (outside heel hook)
10. Solving the back step problem with back roll entry
11. Forcing top position against sitting back opponent (cross ashi entry)

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