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White to blue belt curriculum

2h 01min  

Finally, a systematic approach to learning BJJ.  Learn techniques in the right order and how to connect them to each other.

The beginning of your journey in the sport of BJJ.  I suggest you train with purpose.

Start with positions and transitions that move you to other positions. Then closed guard control and sweeps which will bring you back to top control. Once you can do these things automatically and can control positions without thinking about it, your mind will be open to seeing all the submissions while maintaining complete control of your opponent.   

If your opponent is controlled, he is not attacking he is defending. While he is defending, you can focus on attacking. Take the time to absorb this information to your core. If you ever get into a situation where you have to defend yourself, you want to be in a position of dominating the opponent so they can never attack.  This allows you to stay calm and never get injured.

Control is key.

 Watch FULL CONTENT : 2h 01MIN

1st stripe

Crossed body and variation

Crossed body and variation

Side control attack

Modified scarf hold Americana attack

Crossed body and variation

Crossed body and variation

Side control attack

Modified scarf hold Americana attack

Knee on belly attacks

X choke - baseball choke - step around arm bar

North south attack

Kimura and arm bar attack

Full mount preparation

Full mount preparation

Full mount attacks

Ezekiel choke and arm bar

Sweeps from closed guard opponent on knee

1. Scissor sweep and variation
2. Reverse Scissor sweep
3. Armpit sweep
4. Kimura sweep (hip bump)

Closed guard passes

1. Guard pass #1
2. Guard pass #2

Sweeps opponent standing

1. Double ankle sweep
2. Elbow belt flip
3. Elbow punch sweep
4. Omoplata sweep

2nd stripe

Attacks closed guard

1. Escolinha (preparation drills) closed guard
2. Arm bar
3. X choke and variation
4. Triangle
5. Omoplata
6. Kimura

Half guard passes

1. Half guard pass under hook
2. Half guard pass over hook
3. Half guard pass kimura

Escapes from positions

1. Cross body escape
2. Back escape
3. Full mount escape

Escapes from submissions

1. Arm bar
2. Omoplata escape
3. Triangle escape
4. Clock choke escape

3rd stripe

Attacking turtle

1. Clock choke
2. Crucifix set up

Butterfly guard passes

1. 90 degree butterfly guard pass
2. Step over butterfly guard pass

Half guard sweeps

1. Half butterfly guard sweep
2. Leg hug sweep

Bottom half guard attack


Chokes from the back

1. X-choke
2. Single wing
3. Bow and arrow

Take downs

1. Outer reaping throw
2. Double leg take down
3. Hip throw
4. Neck throw

4th stripe

Spider guard sweeps

1. Kneeling spider guard sweep
2. Standing spider guard sweep

Butterfly guard sweeps

1. Butterfly guard sweep
2. Butterfly guard sweep go behind

De La Riva sweeps

1. De La Riva sweep opponent kneeling
2. De La Riva sweep opponent standing

Spider guard passes

1. Spider guard pass standing
2. Spider guard pass kneeling

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