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Evolution back control system

2h 26min  

If you want to increase your ability to submit from the back position you need to improve your control. Practice is what improves your BJJ.  


So if you want to get better at submitting from the back you need to be able to keep the position long enough to experiment with which subs work better for you.    Also, if you are a competitor the back is the top of the position hierarchy.  The onus is on your opponent to escape allowing you to conserve energy for your next match.  The subs are much easier to apply when the opponent is trying to escape than when they are just trying to defend against the subs.


Table of content

1. Controlling back drills

Drill #1 Seatbelt set-up. Losing one hook
Drill #2 Back exposure. Losing one hook and knee

Drill #3 Losing control of the hips single butterfly hook
Drill #4 Partner bridge. Double butterfly hooks and rocking chair
Drill #5 Losing both hook both knees
Drill #6 Koala flow
Drill #7 Transition to mount with Kata Gatame

Taking back - top positions

1. Back exposure in competitions

2. From mount position
Figure 4 gift wrap

3. Top side control
Double lapel back take
Kuzure kesa

4. From turtle
Taking the back off a sprawl
The knee clamp
Timing the roll
The sniper
Bridge and pull over
Belt and collar control
The Spinorama
The squirrel
Turning the turtle
Chair sit

5. From guard
Closed guard
Armpit sweep set up
Superman take

6.Half guard
Half guard

7. Butterfly guard:
Arm drag
The package

8. Kimura system
Kimura back take from bottom side control
Kimura back take from bottom half guard
Kimura back take technicall sit up

9. Spoon
Spoon option 1 and 2
Extra option getting the back

Finishing the back

1. Chokes
X choke
Single wing
Bow and arrow
Garrote choke

2. Finishes
Arm bar
Chest ripper
Triangle and arm bar and cuadruple attack
Hand fighting for rear naked choke
Finishing rear naked choke

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